This Causes Menstruation Twice a Month and How to Overcome It

Usually, women only experience menstrual cycles once a month. However, there are times when this cycle can occur up to twice a month. So what causes these conditions? Learn more in the following article. In general, normal menstrual cycles for adult women range from 21-35 days, while young women range from 21-45 days. If your menstrual cycle occurs every 21 days, then there is a possibility you will experience menstruation twice a month. However, if you experience bleeding outside of the normal menstrual cycle, you need to determine whether the bleeding is caused by menstruation or due to certain medical conditions. Causes of Menstruation Twice a Month If menstruation twice a month is caused by menstrual cycles that are considered to be short or under 28 days, then the condition is normal for no shorter than 21 days. Also considered normal if menstruation twice a month only occurs occasionally in 1 year without other complaints, such as pain during intercourse. In addition, blee
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